Many families reach out after the conclusion of the services to let us know how much our support and guidance meant to them in their time of need, and we’re honored to receive such heartfelt praise. We feel that these messages speak for themselves and we’d like to share them with you.

If you feel we’ve gone above and beyond in supporting you through this difficult time, or would simply like to reach out and say thanks, contact us to share your thoughts or submit a testimonial below. It means the world to us to hear from you and know that we’ve made a difference.

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Justine and the N.H. Scott & Hanekamp Funeral Home team did an absolutely wonderful job for our family. Their care, compassion and consideration for our Mom’s Celebration of Life were all outstanding! Thank you!

Thomas from Northbrook

April 20, 2024

My family and I are so grateful for the love and care given to us by Justyne Scott and her team during this difficult time. Justyne was so professional and accomodating to our many requests and questions. Much of the planning for my mom's funeral service was done via phone, text, and emails as I live in Kansas City. Justyne would kindly answer my many questions and concerns. The Memorial Mass was absolutely perfect with beautiful flowers, programs, and holy cards exceeding all our expectations! Thank you, Justine for your kindness and professional care.

Sally Tyner

February 22, 2023

Hi Mrs. Scott, you and your other staff were VERY helpful at the 11/12/22 service for Victor Setina, and my wife was especially thankful that you let her use your facilities at 5 pm before "our long ride home" (your words, if you remember ! : -) Thanks again for all of your caring ! Steve, Cindy, and Nick Welch, loving friends/family of Mr. Vic !

steve welch

November 13, 2022

Our parents passed away within six months of one another and Justine Scott became part of our family! Her compassion, her guidance, her patience, we’re a godsend to our family. I cannot think of a more professional and thoughtful service than that which NH Scott & Hanekamp provided us during a time of greatest need.

Sally Weir

October 12, 2022

Navigating a funeral service alone is a daunting proposition. The saving grace was Justyne Scott! To put it simply, she felt like family. She’s calm and collected and professional at all times, and always caring and devoted to making every last detail perfect. She’s an amazing listener and didn’t miss an opportunity to personalize the service to meet our needs. At the worst time in our lives, she was there at every step along the way to guide us. The services were even better than we anticipated, thanks to Justyne’s kind and caring assistance.

Amy from Northbrook

July 06, 2021

Our father passed away just at the time when Covid began occurring in Illinois. Justyne and her staff were so kind. They helped us to navigate his wake and burial during the restrictions that were put into place because of Covid. I can not begin to thank them for all of their help and compassion. Truly made the experience more bearable. Thank you so much.

Charise Kalogridis

August 30, 2020

Scott & Hanekamp is the best funeral home or not. All I can do is describe my experience - and hope people can make their own judgment from it. When my wife, who had cancer, was referred to hospice, she said she wanted to make her funeral arrangements. Upon learning that my wife was Muslim, the cemetery she had chosen to be buried at referred us to Justyne at N.H. Scott saying that she works with an Imam at a mosque in Northbrook and is familiar with Muslim funeral traditions. When she met with the two of us, Justyne had the best demeanor I could have hoped for in a funeral director. She always appeared professional without being stiflingly formal. Moving deliberately, she looked neither in haste nor lackadaisical. She had a calm, reassuring voice that was neither louder nor softer than necessary. No question ruffled her, no request flustered her. She gave us good advice about things we hadn’t thought about. Justyne explained to us which arrangements such as caskets and flowers that Muslim families usually chose as well as the unique arrangements the Imam was okay with. She even up followed up with the Imam regarding questions we had. She explained how the funeral home arranged for the ritual washing of the body that Muslims do before the funeral. We repeatedly wept through these discussions. Justyne responded in a way that a good therapist would — tissues at hand, never speaking more than necessary and never saying anything inappropriate to the moment. Uzma decided who should wash her body and which casket should hold her. Uzma passed away late in the evening. The staff member from N.H. Scott & Hanekamp, who came to pick Uzma’s body up from our home at 2 am first met with me and explained what he would be doing. He was respectful, thoughtful, and deliberate. He also had an appearance and demeanor like Justyne’s – just right for the context and occasion. Whether it is because of the training N.H. Scott gives their staff or whether it is because they select staff who are already this way, I don’t know, but it made things bearable during such a difficult time. On the day of the funeral, everything happened as planned. Justyne and other funeral home staff were unobtrusive but never hard to find and never unhelpful. There was a room where we had the wake, the eulogies, and prayers. And they also made another room available to us. They let us keep cookies and coffee in the is second room. The atmosphere there was less somber. It was a lifesaver, keeping our young kids and their friends from becoming disengaged. When the Iman was ready to lead the funeral prayers, Justyne and her colleagues knew exactly where and how much space to create for the Muslim attendees to pray. They just made everything run smoothly and in a manner that would have pleased Uzma. There was nothing slapdash, hasty, or haphazard about it. I don't think it would have mattered if Justyne was familiar with the Muslim funeral tradition or not; she just knew how to listen and how to choreograph the event. Justyne had already arranged for my wife's obituary to appear before the funeral in the Chicago Tribune . A few days after the funeral she dropped off the death certificate at our home. When I went to settle the bill, there were no surprises. Since my wife's death, I have given some thought to what makes a good funeral home director. First and foremost, like a good therapist, she must listen and comfort well. She must be familiar with the faith traditions of her customers. As the director of the last act in which the deceased plays a part, she must make the different moving parts of a funeral work together without becoming too visible herself. Justyne Scott was all that, and then some.

Dheeraj Raina

December 20, 2019

Justyne and her staff did an impeccable job with everything related to the Visitation (wake), funeral service, and burial of our father. We are a combined family of a second marriage and Justyne was so kind, patient, diplomatic, helpful and discrete. The local church, OLPH, recommended you so highly and we wanted to work with you all anyway because you did such a fine job with our mother when she passed away just over 20 years ago. Your skill and expertise made the very sad situation almost seamless. I want to say also that Dad looked wonderful and that was so comforting to us. I couldn't recommend you higher! Thank you so much for doing such an outstanding job with everything!

Pam Brockman

September 10, 2019

I cannot thank you enough for your kindness and caring for my mother's funeral. Your sensitivity and compassion went above and beyond expectations. Everything was so beautifully taken care of and conducted in such a loving and caring way. You helped us memorialize my father's passing in 1984 and were able to honor my mother's wishes to replicate his funeral services at her passing in Feb. 2019. Your services are unparalleled. Thank you so much.

Debbie Billetdeaux

March 01, 2019

My father and I greatly appreciate the kindness and high level of service provided by Justyne as we prepared for services for my mom. She took care of every detail, and always made us feel comfortable. I would highly recommend N.H. Scott. Thank you for blessing us with your support.

Sherri from Glenview

January 30, 2019

Jon, I wanted to thank you and your wonderful staff for the flawless funeral arrangements you prepared for my dad. Because of his illness, we all knew his death was imminent but when it happens it is still a very difficult time. Thank you for making everything a lot easier.

Michelle of Glenview

Thank you so much for all of your assistance in planning and facilitating my father's services. Your kindness, support and professionalism are unparalleled.

Marilyn of Northbrook

Dear Jon, I wanted to thank you for your great kindness and incredible efficiency. At such a difficult time, you made this part easier.

Ann of Glenview

Thank you for all the care and support your provided, above and beyond, to celebrate and honor mom's life. The service was truly a testament for her memory. We are so thankful for your guidance.

Diane of Northfield

Justyne, I can't tell you how appreciative my family is of you for your kindness, compassion, patience and professionalism in helping my dad realize his funeral wishes. The visitation was absolutely first class and my father looked so peaceful. The funeral and burial were exceptional and your care and concern for my family helped us get through a tough time. Thank you for everything.

Gene of Northbrook

Thank you so much for your sweet loving care during our time of loss. We feel blessed to know you and are blessed in how you cared for us.

Joy of Glenview

Our family sends our sincerest thanks for all your help after the patriarch of our family passed. From our first call to the funeral home, to the arrangement of Veteran Honors, the downloading of music for the service, to assistance at the interment; all of the services, advice, and support we were give were so greatly appreciated. your calm demeanor and years of experience were comforting to us as we had to confront many important but difficult decisions. We felt you attentively listened to our questions and concerns to help us make the experience custom to our needs and desires. Thanks you so much.

Pauline from Glenview

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